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Friday, January 31, 2003

i was reading over my posts about my dad... i thought that i should point out at least ONE semi-redeeming quality. so know an installment of "why your dad isn't as cool as my dad". ready? go.

after the AVN convention in 99 (yes the porno convention, woo-hoo!) being held at the Venetion Convention Hall, i met up with pops at the circle bar in the hard rock. his on-his-sixth-wife-ass had a pack of smokin blondies all around him (keep in mind this man prides himself on being "6'6'', bald, and ugly..."), and he was trying to toss one my way. thanks! he was buying everyone drinks, tipping like a mad man, crackin the best jokes. but whatever with all that..

then som bartender sorta ignored anti sr. and he flips out, and is all, "FUCKYOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!" and flips him off to boot. so i guess the punk ass bartender calls up security, because suddenly all the hot little blonde bride's-maids had been replaced with bouncer-ish looking guys with black coats, and electronic ear pieces.

they're all, "sire, we understand there's a problem with you and one of the bartenders. you don't have to leave the casino, but you have to leave this bar."

i was like, "yeah dad, it's cool, no big whup, let's move"

my dad completely ignores my bitch ass, and looks this fucker in the eyes, and says "that bartender is full of SHIT. i have clients here, i'm entertaining. there is NO WAY some little piece of SHIT bartender is going toy with MY life. he actually said fuck you to me, because he said i didn't leave him a big enough tip!"

the whole time the dude's are trying to butt in, with shit like, "sir--" but my dad goes on to tell them how if they are of men of honor then they need to at least ask the OTHER bartender if he was a good guy (the one who'd been getting tipped $20's all night).

so they did, we got to stay, and i was impressed. the guy is a good liar, i'm serious. and then i said, "dad, i didn't bring any weed..." so he hands me an empty pack of marb red, with a joint inside.

that night rocked. i've loved V.O. on the rocks ever since....

here's the only pic of him i could find
nice shorts, loser!

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