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Monday, January 27, 2003

i shouldn't take naps in my truck anymore. it's gross, because i never remember to roll down the windows, so it gets all hot, and i turn into this big sweaty mess. totally soaked. i should at LEAST park in the shade.

all weekend my friends were in Santa Cruz. but i realized i like being stranded by my friends, because it makes me have to get creative and improvise more, and as a result, having the best time ever.
the superbowl was a perfect excuse for crashing parties...
cuz like, everyone's having one.
just creep on in, grab a shot, a beer, snag some bean dip, and high five the nearest stranger-- but at the last second, pull your hand away and say, "HAHA, thought you had a friend... sucker..." and poof, you're secured. i like lieing lots at strangers parties too, because there's nobody to say, "nuh uhhhh.... anti, your're so full of shit"
they just believe. or so my drunk ass thought.

but i dunno. it was also like a me-in-rare-form kinda thing. i was at the perfect level of intoxication. drunk enough to be brave with girls, sober enough to still be charming. good thing i boycotted the tequilla. met a new crew of hotties girls that i'll be seeing more of... so i guess football IS good for something.
fuck.. who knew?!

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