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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, January 10, 2003

fuck technology
i had that, "oh it's thursday" feeling all day, and i was at my friends bar, they told me that it was friday, and now i'm all pumped, and i found out about some house party in el segundo... and i even got my credit card back that i lost new years.

and i was thinking that if it's true "you are what you eat" then imma medium dominoes pizza with pepperroni and bell peppers, and those gorss free cinna-dots.
dreddy and crippled whitey
some asshole at work with my same name said to me, "hey anti, nice hair..." because i took off my hat, and hat a kinda hat-head/bed-head mixture... and actually it was pretty tight looking. so i glare at the receding-hairline-having mother fucker and say, "at least i have a hairstyle!" that shut him up... i dare him to ask me for help ever again.

besides everyone hates him

then whitey (who was waiting for me while i was at work, getting high in my car) and i bailed. he had a funny joke but i just asked him what it was again, and it's not funny at all. something about chinese people and mexicans buying car insurance. why was it funny earlier?

totally and completely unrealted: i'm starting to learn that lots of ppl who are not from america not only think we talk like hillbillies from texas, but they think we like George W. Bush, and they think we're fat lazy and stupid.

it's true there are a lot of fat people, stupid people, pro-george-W-people, and hillbillie-talkin-people. but i'm not one (umm... well... maybe a little stupid, whatevs), so just feel sorry for me because it's really annoying with all those other fucks going the ACTUAL speed limit on the freeway.

i'm just kinda like, "hey i just live here, i don't run the sho"

i don't even vote or pay taxes.

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