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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

don't ask me why dreddy and our chauffeur are dressed like pirates, i was wondering the same thing.

That is IT. i'm only smoking cigarettes and pot from now on. no random pills, and actually, no drugs that are the color white. or beige. at all. just thinking about it makes me wanna barf.

hollywood turns me into such a hollywierdo. i hate feeling like i'm one of those so-so-so-obviously-high-coke-mouth-moving-too-much types. like when you see certian celebs on leno chewing a stick of gum like a diesel-engine.

and i keep having disturbing dreams. that's sorta wierd because for years and years, i haven't been able to remember shit about my dreams... now they'll all too real feeling, and i wake up super pissed. why do the realistic ones have to be so lame? why couldn't i be fucking your friend's hot little sister?

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