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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

DAMN!!! i gotta bloody paper cut on my upper lip. fuck envelopes, dude.

i skate down to this one liquor store at least once a day ( Mac's Liquor... for those in the know ), and motherfucker acts like it's my first time in there everytime.( he's not the real "Mac". i think that sucka is dead. )
"marb reds... hard pack..."
"uhhh... have ID?"
so this time i thought i'd make myself stick out and get remembered,
so i made motherfucker stop speaking paki LD on the phone, handed motherfucker my digi-cam, and told motherfucker to take my picture. i felt a little dumb, but i just flashed a smile like...

"try and pretend you need to see my ID again, biatch"

and hey, go figure... he's not camera shy either.

but there's a part of me that doesn't blame motherfucker. he prolly thinks all white people look the same, just like i think all pakis do. and holy shit.
we're both right.

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