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Thursday, December 26, 2002

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yawnnnnn.... xmas sucked way less than i thought it would. i even got a present here and there. whatta shocker. and i got nice and drunk consistantly. when i remeber this years xmas, all i'll remember is tequilla, vodka, southern comfort, gin, and some shit called yukon jack. oh yah, and beer, cigarettes, weed, and pills. it just wouldn't be christmas without that shit anyways, right? i even convinced some of my being-religous-to-the-point-it's-scary cousins to take some shots of cuervo (ew, i know, it's all gramps had). but what i'm learning in life is that any situation is as good or bad as you choose to make it. and i knew this xmas was gonna be sucky this year as far as gift getting.... so i said, "fuck it... i'm gunna par tay anyways"
13th and pch in hermosagrampa saying, merry xmas!
oh and on a side note... i HATE my mom's boyfriend. HATE him. the guy is obnoxious first of all, and secondly he gets all these fucked up crazy ideas in my mom's head. the worst part of it all is that he has my same first name. that asshole has some fucking nerve. and my three cute little neices all call HIM uncle anti, but I'M uncle anti... and needless to say, when i hear them call him that, my skin crawls. him and i had this huge fight once and i got him kicked out if my mom's house... i got kicked out too... but it was worth it.

so anyways... this guy, my mom's boyfriend, got more gifts from my family than i did. and then.... and then... he was the only one to get me anything. you know, like, what the fuck?? gawwwwwwd i hate him.

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