Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

what the hell is this shit? that's not me

i'm still
i'm still anti from the blog
used to post a little now i post a lot
but i still know where i came from (viceland com)

after the sun goes down tonight, the party starts. on the queen mary docked in Long Beach harbor. i'll be the only rep from our office, as this is "one of those" office partys type thingys. but it's not "one of those" offices. this is a place where they ask me if i want a corona, budweiser, or a rum and coke while i wait(captian morgans, at that). so the party might last till sunday.

i love how when you get a cell phone call you can push the little "clear" button, and the caller gets sent to some warp zone. i wish it were that easy in real life interactions... poof be-gone

this weekend i want to get all my work i have done, so i can be rich, relaxed, and on my couch. i have like 11 files. that's like... way too many. i'm fucked. fucked. fucked.

sleep is the enemy

shit, i'm un-armed.

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