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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

sometimes the freeways are so muh fun. i usually hate them, but on occasion i play this game where i race a complete stranger. like, "i don't care what happens, as long as i get to my exit before that pontiac grand prix". the best is when they're on to you, and are trying to win also. it's like... in LA you're car is either part of the race or just a fucking obstacle. nothing like my high beams flooding your car with light to make you move over. oh and i hate drivers that are old, young, white, black, and mexican. oh and chinese too. basically i hate them all, because they all suck. i'm going to die on one of those freeways one of these days. i just know it. i've already come so close to getting popped... it feels like it's just a matter of time. and know what the scary thing is? when i die, who is going to go through my shit? who is going to find shit i never wanted found. i'm gonna make out my will... right here right now

I, anti, leave all my worldly belongings to my friends, to divvy up and pawn. except for my skateboard which i leave to laura, my live eel collection which i leave to jamie, and raymi can take whatever she wants.

then i want my body put in a little boat and sent off to sea with my friends and loved ones shooting flaming arrows at me from the shoreline. like in that one movie...

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