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Sunday, December 08, 2002


so we went out drinking, fashionably late, my hair freshly dyed black, high, and on our skateboards again, and found some shitty bar to get cheap booze, talk to sluts, and smoke indoors. smoking indoors is so crucial. and whitey and i run into zippy. zippy's crew is off to some party and i'm like, "yo, we're IN", and so we're off to find our hidden in the bushes skateboards and to the party in zippy's ride, and there were so many hotties floating around, thinking i was the cutest thing.
", blah blah, you look like keanu reeves", "blah, blah, who cares if i'm married...", ect.
and it's true i did make out with a hot married latina chick, and drank patron straight off the bottle, and went in the "coke" room, and left in a hurry with my board under my arm, and dragging whitey's singing/shouting ass with me. on the way home whitey received his second injury of the night... some kinda ankle issue. he's on my couch whining and crying about it as i type. i keep telling him to shutup, and it is not broken, and maybe i should be more sympathetic... but fuck that. goddamn crybaby. i'm tired of babysitting his ass.

but, the hair dye job went off well. i thought it might be too fagge, and it sorta is... but i only received compliments...
talked with raymi the minx at werk before i went out about an ex of mine, and about her book, and got her friends mad at her and felt like a boob. i hate that feeling. tomorrow the goal is werk, werk, werk, and i really hope that happens, but it won't
is it almost 5am? shit

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