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Monday, December 23, 2002


so just like thanksgiving-week-of-torture we have xmas-week-of-torture. oh yay hooray. hold on, just sit there whilst i do some back flips of joy. riiiiiight. oh and there's the added pressure of "we need that fucking file before the end of the year!!". suuuuuuuuure.... why not? i'll pretend i'm motherfucking he-man, and i'll ride my green tiger to long beach and flex my file-typing muscle, and collect commisions, and do it all BEFORE januaury first. of course, writing here is totally productive, and not a way for me to further my myself into the hole, and not wasting the ever dwindling hours of 2002. oh noooooooo.......

i'll be so glad when it's new years eve, and i'll be somewhere, fucked up on whatever i could get my hands on, and throwing up a big Fuck You to a shitty year. and then i'll wake ready to push that boulder up the mountain... like i do everyday.

so to go along with my recent "glass half emtpy" state of mind, i wrote a new article-type-shit all about the things i hate. and it kinda rhymes. go find it over there ->. i'm too lazy to link it here right now.

grrrrr!!!!! my microwave just stopped working and right before it cooked up my popcorn. fack! fack! fack! fack!


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