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Thursday, December 05, 2002

so i went to jason lee's house to do my interior inspection and the guy has the nerve to not even be there. Psh. but his wife was there, and she was hot, and i talked to her, and she had a homie on her keychain... and everything was fine. but then, as i was stuck in traffic southbound on western avenue, leaving the hollywood hills, smoking cigarettes, listening to the radio... i look down and see that my fly is down. so great, i looked like a real winner. did i say winner? let's change that to weiner. today i tried to take the scruff on my face and form it into a goatee. too bad for me it looks like shite, and will be removed immidiatley.
i wish i could grow decent face hair... i'd fully rock a manson beard or some shit like that. went skating last night, zero injuries. shit loads of fun.
still haven't showered tho, and i feel sticky, gross and smelly, and my hair is like toxic paste. and i'm wasting time and feeling sluggish.

somehow breetards pic went down.

and it MUST stay. she ain't off the hook THAT easy

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