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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, December 20, 2002

so i bought this bulletin board because i thought i needed one, and i hung it up on the wall... stared at it... and realized i have nothing to bulletin. they're stupid anyways...

and earlier today i had to slam on my breaks so hard on the freeway that all my shit ioncluding my fragile camera went flying forward making crashing sounds, as well as every file i had getting tossed around like a cesar salad. and why?
because some dumbass-dipshit-communist-asshole-faggot-motherfuckering-pillowbiting-retard from your worst nightmare was on the San Diego Freeway "doing his thang". and to think i used to wonder as a kid why people would have gunfights on the LA freeways. throwing things helps me... fists full of change, "go-big" drive-thru drinks, straight up spitting on the car... and seal the deal with a fuck you salute. welcome to LA, now get the fuck out my way. asstard.

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