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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

music is the best. but i hate when it's so good it makes me miss my exit, cuz i'm like so rockin out, and i don't even notice for prolly 10 miles

my neighbors must hate me. cuz i hate them. it's like this really "nice" community full of yuppies where they all wash their new shiny sport-utility-buckets-of-shit, suck each others dicks, and give my vampire ass dirty looks as i slide by flicking my lit cigarette on their driveway. i hate fake friendly. and it's like i gotta be either part of the problem... or the solution.

i'm also learning exactly why sleep is so important. silly mistakes are avoided. like remembering to shut and lock your front door, not drop coffee drink thing in your lap, and pay the tab before you leave. so, i should go pillow shopping tomorrow. i'm gonna sleep for way too long when i finally can take a breather. give this mule a raise.

i think i'm gonna get a picture of me on santa's lap... i love santa. there's one just standing in front of wells fargo in long beach, like all day. and that's good because the mall freaks me out sometimes
i hate it there

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