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Thursday, December 19, 2002


it was just one of those silk boxers kind of days. ahhhh.... mmm.

we had a "office christmass lunch". and i wouldn't have ordered any booze if i would've known i'd be the only one boozing. like it's MY fault the fucking brazilian bbq restaurant had a killer FULL bar. the best was they had food there wrapped in bacon... what genius.

and early this morning i was on 74th and Main street... right off the 110 in LA.... taking pictures of strangers houses for my jobbbbb. if someone catches you they get like sooooo fucking pissed. i think they must think imma cop or something. the last time i was doing a home inspection in that neighborhood... the real estate agent i met at the property told me i had bigg balls to be a white boy in that area. i was like, "duh, motherfucker"

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