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Sunday, December 29, 2002

<--that's breetard || that's dreddy-->
breetard and dreddy sitting in a tree... H-A-T-E... I-N-G

i'm not sure how i feel about friends fighting with eachother. although, because i'm so good at satying out of it, i guess i like it when my friends fight. i get more of their undivided attention. yeah, there is a little bit of that, "awww too bad for them..." kinda feeling. but not really. i guess the key is to not know anyting. to not be a messenger monkey... all i know is dreddy banned breetard from her bar, and that she has some other beef too i guess

that's a poloroid of when they used to love eachother.... actually i think breetard still loves dreddy... BAH!!! who cares? cuz you know... it's like save the drama for your mama...

when i don't like a friend i just never see or speak to them again. easy does it. and it almost always works. i think ppl are too nice these days, and they need to tuffen up, and just say the blunt honest truth, even though it probably hurts. fuck man.... the truth always hurts, it just does...

but not so much when you're drunk.

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