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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, December 21, 2002


i'm having cell phone issues. the fucking thing is always dieing, never getting reception, and i hate it. oh so i'm supposed to remember to charge it up? fat chance. and i hate having another thing to weight down my pockets. like the cigarettes and lighter aren't obnoxious enough. Pfff! maybe i should just start rocking a fanny pack. but do they still make those? (god i hope not) last night in my pockets i had a cell pnone, a pipe, a lighter, my ID, my money, my pot, my keys, a pen, some random bits of trash, fliers, my other friends smokes, and that girls pager. i felt like a locker.

AND SO... whitey has some meds for his broken ankle, and of coarse, some booze. and he always likes to share...

i was all, "shit fool, i'm highhhhhhhh...." right before hopping in my truck, and speeding home.

then i fianally slept like the dead.
ps, i like calling chicks "bro", lately. it rules.

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