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Monday, December 09, 2002


i'm calling this... zero movement day. i feel like a sloth, who is conserving energy by holding still. i even ordered dominoes, and will yell, "come in!" to the pizza guy and make him walk to my desk. biatch. here's a piece i wrote for raymi, about raymi... kinda like my point of view. but it's autobiograghical so, it applies kinda. From: "anti" Subject: raymi phenom To: so there i was no better than anyone. i had a great jobby. it was some job witha fancy title and i'd brag to strangers about it, but the truth was... i was the bosses son. wich means, i can do anything i want. and i wanted to do nothing.

i had recently been dumped by this girl that moved to NYC and she had turned me on to vice before dumping my too far away ass. vice was funny. i hadn't gotten that excited about a zine, well... ever. i read the whole thing, every single printed word, on the way home in that fucking plane, drunk from heinekens at the bar in JFK.

so i had dabbled in message posting a bit on some nerdy hip hop sites... and when i checked out during my work day of pretending to be typing something "important", i saw they had some message board thingy... and this one was so much better than that nerdy hip hop one, because you had to register and nobody could imposter you. all free. so, being the god damned daredevil i am, i choose a name trying to see how long a name can be. some places only let you use like 4-8 characters... so i was surprised when antidisestablishmentarian was ok. i ran with it.

i had to learn quick though. these people were sharp, and not the mental midget pushovers like in the nerdy hip hop site. these people where thick skinned, and could textually assault you ass with a sentence or two. boom, your done.

but hey i'm witty. i'm smart. and mostly (and this is what sealed it) i stick around. i would just post. and post. and post. people accused me of being this individual known as raymi the minx. she must have been out of town, because i was all alone to defend my identity. i am NOT her, i said. whoever she is, i hate her. and people said, yeah suuuuure raymi. nice try.

of all of 'em though (bernie federko, marachino, laura petrie, raymi the minx, you know... the main four) raymi was the best. i soon learned that it was an honor to be identified with her. and she was hot. and when i told the forums it was my birthday, raymi posted a nice "happy birthday to anti" post. it was more than most of my "real" freinds did. Psh! i've made friendships with these vice people. i liked raymi and laura the best though, prolly becuase they were both hotties, both nice, and both funny as hell.

i'd track raymi's and laura's sites like everyday. participate in guestbook turned message boards, ect. laura petrie had some art i once offered to buy(never panned out), and raymi kept up with her blog so much, it felt like she was much closer to LA than t dot.

so... laura sorta lost her website due to technical dificulties, and vice changed their forums into shitiness. bernie federko, and marachino sorta dropped off. and my dad lost his company, and i got my own job, and shit was all just changed forever. i miss the old forums at times. i had fun in there. but raymi was still going strong,. if anything, getting bigger by the second. she had already done way cool shit that made me jealous. (although, she informed me later, that i shouldn't have selt all that jealous. vice isn't as cool behind the scenes apparantly) but yeah, she was working for them, IN new yawk, and i'd check her blog prolly twice a day.

then i got all wraped up in this girlfriend thing. i've had them the whole time on and off, but this girl lasted a while. i joined the disapeared ranks of bern and mara. BUT, i was too weak to not get sucked into the revamped and sucky forums. i'd post random things from time to time, just because i like to. one post triggered a direct responce from raymi. she called me funny, and told me that my comments on how i hate furniture you have to put together yourself, and how i had this fucking desk and how my thumbs hurt, and anyways.... she told me, "anti, i want you to write for my blog".

wow. what an honor, i thought. is this for real? am i fodder for her website, some kinda "trick on anti" thing? she was for real, and it made me feel valued. nice one. so i submitted sever emails of "shit i thought she'd like" and kept getting replies, like, "no. that's good. but not what i want" and i'd get frustrated because i so badly wanted to have my writing on raymi's site. finally i had sent enough of the right kinda things... raymi picked the ones she like, and she designed me a spot on her site. i was so stoked. i knew she had fans, i knew she had hits on that blog, and i hoped people would read my shit, and like it. nad raymi told me they did.

recently things seem to be blowing up bigger and bigger. (not fast enough for the minxer i'm sure, but i don't blame her) i dumped my girlfriend, was getting ready to move, when i decide to start using my MSN messenger. i punch in raymi's codes, and viola, i'm chatting with raymi. she prolly had no idea how excited i was. i could barley type. she was making me nervous.

r le minx says:

i hate when people bug me on messenger

anti says:

is that a hint?

r le minx says:

no no no

r le minx says:

you i like. long pauses. short answers

so i was happy.i felt closer to my friend than ever. my friend who i never met.

so by now i have casually mentioned i'd like to visit raymi for real. maybe fly out to t dot, take some shots, smoke some cigarettes and smile. to my surprise raymi agreed that it sounded fun. in fact, she wants to come to LA too. she's always going someplace. well, not really... but more than me. and she's never been here, and it would be so really cool. the idea makes me happy. shit.. raymi and laura met and became real life friends, why not anti and raymi?! could happen
bit it's all good. i'm not holding my breath. raymi might visit me, she might not. i mean.... time will tell. and vice verca. but it doesn't matter anyways. raymi has already given me more than she'll ever know. she's inspired the dormant write in me. she's my i have my OWN blog, i write shit all the time, i feel really good about it all, and i have raymi to thank. (thanks sexy).

she has sent me a ruff cut of her book to read and review back to her. it was great. some minor typos... but great. the book will be published soon. raymi has people with real money trying to get raymi-tv launched... and it's like holy shit. raymi is becoming bigger than ever. her charming way of being so neurotic was catching on like wildfire, and raymi's writing? getting better and better. and then even BETTER.

here's a whitey pic as promised. (oh oh, and my new couch) hope your ankle feels better


anti says:

k... go to bed, lil one

anti says:

you need your beuty sleep

anti says:

no racoon eyes

Vanessa says:

in a sec

Vanessa says:

too late

anti says:


Vanessa says:

give sylvie hugs from me

anti says:

i will of coarse

anti says:

gotta joke

anti says:

what's the difference between a preist and acne

anti says:

pimples don't come on your face until you're at least 13

anti says:

sylvie told it to me, dats funny

Vanessa says:

in a scary way

look how this individual loves me.

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