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Friday, December 06, 2002

going out alone sucks and rules all at the same time. because, let's face it: who really wants their night of fun to be potentially ruined by some lame assed loser who is the equivelent of gurl repellent? it's not even that i'm "on the prowl" so to speak, but... i still get embarassed by an even slight association. of coarse, that's why if and when i plan on having fun, the people from the "shameful" file are all banned from my presence. they just are not worthy. but going out alone isn't always the greatest of times either. it's mostly great. no answering to anyone else, or their shitty timeline, which is never syncs up with MY fucking timeline. besides, i've already vowed to make myself all new friends. a whole brand new set, that will promote my progress, and inspire me, and buy me shots of tequilla. i only want to be friends with people who have cell phones, can drive, and have money. people who have fun when they go out, even if it's lame. those people rule. i am those people!
that is it. i'm wearing my hawiian shirt i got from the thrift store, dirty jeans, and globes, and i'm going to knock everyone dead with my sharp wit, my charming personality, and my very good looking self.
or... maybe i'll just try and repeat that shit over and over in my head until i believe it.
ps. jewelry is gay
later (8:16pm) MOOD SWING! whitey is coming to pick me and my hawiian shirt up, and we'll go eat, now this was total coincidence, hawaian food. ka-pow!
i've recieved raymi's book, and planned on reading it later, but got sucked in... it was so good, i had to break out my highlighter and red pen and go to town on it. sometimes she can just blow me away with her ability to put to words exactly how i'm feeling or have felt... she inspires me... so whitey will be here soon, and we'll go off to eat and we'll go off to drink, and we will be silly and we will be the center of fun.... pics of whitey to come soon. the guy ditched out on a free beck show just because i'm the bomb. well, that and because beck sucks.

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