Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, July 16, 2007

visit where you can find the only place i write anything online anymore.

Friday, January 20, 2006

the only way to see my archives:

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and here's lots of old video.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

my favorite song righ tnow is Anthrax - I am The Law

i'm gonna be a fucking rockstawerrr cowboy, riding a broom stick and snap-buttons for easy access. I'm gonna drive like a stunt driver in a james bond movie, because i don't give a fuck if i'm driving a truck filled with my work shit. your Saab just got dusted. Ya heard me?

Super Sonic stylez, and things that only *I* think are cool, because i like to be solo in my ways. when i find a bar that no one else is at, i dance my way up to the bar and make friends with the bartender until we're enemies. 86'd again.

i don't feel guilty when i order more food then i can eat at a restaurant. and NO i won't take that shit home to eat for left overs. i don't wear a fucking watch or carry a cell phone, what makes you think i want to haul a gay ass little white bag full of "food that i couldn't into my wee lil old tummy...." for chrissakes?!?! now refill my pepsi before i deduct 50 cents from your tip.

i've decided the tops of sky scrapers if my preffered preferably. second row is still staring at some dumb fucks head in front of you, and hoping he doesn't move his head into that one position where you can't see jack shit.

having since given up on winning any popularity contests, i can safely say out loud that i've been bastard. a RAT bastard, and a lotta people deservedly hate my guts. and i hope to one day contact and formally apologize for to those folks... one day, far farrr away. rushing has never been what gives me boners.

and getting boners is whats its all about in the end. getting boners and humping the sky as if no one's watching. squeal like a pig, boy!!!

and in the end, it's all slipping away so fast. MY FUCKING LIFE is ending one second at a time, tic toc - kaboom.

i almost got cable TV, but then i remebered what i love, and its not the history channel. it's not even MTV, i know man.... how fucking nuts can i be, eh? but i like to be outSIDE, or drunk, or outside AND drunk... and smoking a joint, while i have a BONER!!!! see it's all circularrrrrr everything holding hands like some hippie sit-in fagfest supreme.

i'm going to get a crown tattooed around my skull BECAUSE IT FEELS FUCKING GOOD to be king. and in my insane, THC laced, foggy, SMALL SMALL world. i am king, judge, jury, and after i get my gun permit and my revolver... EXECUTIONER!!! on a side note... i rock hollow points.


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