Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, August 19, 2005

YOU have got to stop crying and START living. life is too short, and too precious to live in YESTERDAY or to tell yourself that you will start living TOMORROW.

live NOW fucking a, god dammit.

face your fears, disturb your neighbors, escape the chains of sobriety, and welcome to enlightenment. OR AT LEAST, the path towards it.

and no this blog is not your source for zen stoned ideas from an idiot, so i'll shut up soon, but man... The CHOICE is always so clear, and simple and right in FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING FACE.

sad, ugly, hurtful, mean spirited, THATS THE TRUTH for you (ain't it typical?). but you can make the truth into WHATEVER you want, just pay more attention next time so that things don't slip back into darkenss. take ownership for what YOU could have done differently in a situation, and when you get another turn, DO THAT SHIT. - ok. my "know-it-all" routine is over.


it's really true. because of weed, and turbo graffix 16, i made the friends i made all through out my public school career.

we didn't really always like each other.... but if you weren't friends with the right person, at the right time... you MIGHT miss out on some QUALITY chocoalte thai. and that would be a stoner's worse nightmare.

for example, when we were all freshman, i had surgery the weekend of the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair. and i guess Turnbull had the CHRONIC and was smoking out all the skater homies, and i would have tasted the best herb ever (during a time when shwag-weed was all we could normally afford)

but instead i was tortured with stories that started like, "oh man you MISSED OUT!!! Turnbull had the fucking DEATH WEED!!" and i would take a big deep breath, and sigh to myself, like a fat kid who didn't get to eat any ice cream.


today sucked. it is still not over, and all i want is to wake up and get work over with tomorrow. KJAHDSAKJH

the tattoo is peelin and itchin like there are a million red ants tickling my entire fore arm.

it even makes OTHER parts of my body itch. like my head and my butt.

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