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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

you can't live your life in fear of the What If's. what if something goes wrong? PSHHH....

what if a mack truck flattens you out before breakfast? what if a missile lands on your head? what if a roaming pack of barbarians take over your hometown?

i remember this dude got both of his arms completely covered with tattoos by the time we were seniors in highschool, and how critical everyone was. they'd say, "what a fool. what does he think he is gonna do when he grows up and has to attend the Company Picnic??" never considering that perhaps he could were a long sleeve shirt, or maybe even a jacket. OH NO, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLDDD. (pshaw, hardly) and btw, who fucking goes to company picnics??? someone's been watching to many episodes of The Wonder Years

you can't be affraid of rollercoasters, because in all acutallity - if the thing went bonkers and you got hurt, you (or your remaining next of kin) will be recieving DISNEY-money (megabucks) for life. i mean, talk about hitting the bodily injury jackpot, eh?

almost everyone i know lives their life paralyzed in fear, including myself. it's sad. i try my best, but it's never good enough. what can i say, i'm scurred.

go uncle billllll!!!

poeple i know are affraid to be honest. people i know are affraid to try something new. people i know are affraid of being wrong. people i know are affraid THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT.

right now the thing that scares me the most is running out of time here on planet URFF. im a SPACE JESUS navigating my u.f.o. like a comet towards certain death. snapping poloroids, shooting bonghits, and practiciing the art of the white trashiest trailertrash moustache. i'm almost ready to compete on the Winston Cup circuit.

FEAR is what seperates the WINNERS from the losers. to win you must be fearless. you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price (losing everything, perhaps your life) and for that, you are rewarded with FIRST PLACE. the champion, the numba one stunna.

i think it's sad when one of my friends is too affraid to THINK BIG. i'm the best/worst kind of friend, because i never suck up to an idea. if i think something's rotten in denmark, i fucking lay down my honest, opionated, elitist ideal. and yes, you're wrong and im right, let's have that clear from the jump, you follow me?

i dont want to turn off my brain because im am so riddled with anxiety that i can't function like a decent average american anymore. i want to stand up and shout in the middle of the movie theater, i want to drive my car over the severe tire damage, i want to run UP the DOWN esculator and prove that im faster. i want to dance with the dead in a pale moon light.

NO... i will tell you what i want to do. *I* want to put my car in park, walk up to that Jeep Cherokee in front of me, and politely knock in their car window and ask, "why the fuck are you so retarded?" just because, man.... i think i deserve an answer to such a dignified question, especially when, "FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF FILTHY CHICKEN-SHIT" is the only obvious thing that i should have said.

im far too busy loving every square inch of Los ANgeles to really sit down and collect my thoughts propperly. the summer always does this to me... it envelopes my psyche, and life becomes and episode of "saved by the bell" except im the screech (gulp)

but thats okay.

everythings ok, and everytings fine. or at least it will be once i can find the courage to get my ass over to the 24 hour Carl's Junior Drive THrough Piece of SHit. yes i want chicken. i love chickens. they're the universal flavor of exocit foods. "i ate bamboon." what did it taste like? "chicken"

remember how bizzare our world truly is at all times. TV and radio come for free... but they make you pay for toilet paper... i'll never understand it.

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