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Friday, August 12, 2005

when i first started doing the sign job, it was werid because i was suddenly thrust into "being the boss" of people. which meant it was up to me to fire someone when they wren't acting right, or "manage" my crew in such a way to get peak performance out of them.

after having done it for years now, and after having hired and fired hundreds maybe thousands of people... i've grown to realize that not just the people who work for me need to be told what to do. in fact, PEOPLE LOVE THAT SHIT. lotsa folks would rather not have to think, or make a decision, or use their brain at all.... AND are perfectly happy with letting someone else do all the picking, choosing, deciding, and THINKING.

like when i go out to a bar with whitey or one of my pals, and i ask them for a drink... they might reply with, "....ummmmm..." and i'm tellin you man, i will wait about 10 seconds before i snap back around and pick out a drink FOR YOUR ASS. heineken it is.

and if they tell me some jive shit like: "but i don't wanna heineken" i'll tell them to give it away, and i'll buy some OTHER shit that i choose. NO ONE usually dares reject the first choice i make... be it a captain and coke, or V.O. on the rocks with a splash of water.

drink up, boys. there's bar patrons to harrass.

call me a drunk, but there's no better place to be than a bar. and when i'm eventually a lottery winner... i will have a fulltime bartender working in my house. why else do people have children, right? "hey junior, another highball for daddy...."

the bars within walking distance of my house are all my favorite, WHEREever i live. right now that means old tony's and naja's. old tony is scenic, and has some fruitcake with an accoustic guitar singing james taylor songs. but man their mai tai's get you LOADED, and you get to keep the cup.

naja's is like this rock and roll bar, except the people that go there all give you that nobody alerted them to the fact that the 80's ended. i love the 80's, DONT get me wrong.... THEY just take it to a bad place. BUT!!! naja's has like a trillion beers on tap, and that's where i first learned about my most favorite beer of all, "delirium tremens"

i'd like to go driving around aimlessly (as i do) so im gonna make like a monkey, AND SPANK on outta here.


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