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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


tonight my sisters, their husbands, my mom and i will be attending dinner at a loverly italian restaurant. i would tell you which one we're going to, but the last time i did that, someone spilled the beans to my dad, and he made an unwelcomed cameo, and sat a few tables over, and stared at his old ex-communicated family while we hid behind our menus.

ahhh good times.

dealer mcdope is on the east coast, and im nearly tapped out on my high-supply. what is this brotha gonna go? i guess it's time for more beers.

i need to go long sleeve shirt shopping, so that i can keep my new pricey piece of body modification well protected from those harmful ultraviolet rays.

my apartment looks like i decided to throw everything i own into the center of the room. how does it get like that so fucking fast? i'll never know.

cheers, and FUCK THE WORLD AND EVERYONE INNIT, i hate them all.

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