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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the shittiest thing just happened to me and its my own damned fault for being a slimey greasy filthy pig of a person.

you see, a smart stoner makes certain that his smoking materials aren't so resinated that shit like this happens. *I* am not a smart stoner.

so im smoking on my bong, just tugging away like always, when the fire-hot cherry finally gets to the point that i can "snap it" through the tiny hole. at least that's plan A. what happened is that after the bowl was snapped, it got caught by the mounds of sticky resin in the down stem, and caught that resis shit on fire.

resin is poor man's hash. it's what a stoner smokes when he is out of weed. it's the tar build up in your pipe, and it can get you LOW-DEAD.

but man, it tastes like shit, and i don't smoke resin. i hate that shit. that's why i work hard and buy myself REAL pot to smoke. smokeing resin is for poor highschool kids, not 26 year old workaholics.

so i get this big blast of resin smoke, and my lungs went KABOOM and my eyes turned into puddles of salt, and i got a cold sweat all over my body. yes im high as the sky, but at what cost. not even two shots of rum can get this taste out of my mouth. blick.

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