Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

part of the fun of blogging in my opinion, is when you click onto someone's blog and see that "WOW they linked MY blog on THEIR blog!!!" spread peace love and happyness because the kingdom is joyous.

but then there's the flipside of the coin. you go to a blog you haven't checked out in a while. a blog you link to, and who links back to YOU.... and at the last second... you see that you have become DE-linked.

your mind races, did i unintentionally de-link them first??? is this retaliation?? did i write something to make them hate me?? should i actually read their blog and find out who they are???

the answers to all the questions are NO or mebbe. the answer is "who cares?" because blogs are for retards, and noticing things like links, and hits, and stuff... is the lowest of the low.

that's like being in highschool trying to dwell on why two certain people didn't sign your yearbook. LISTEN man, there's more to life that a stupid web page that you made for free.

there's thai chi, there's sailing. Why not go bowling? OR i bet its been far too long since your last bird watching hike.

sure... laying around masterbating as often as possible isn't much BETTER, but it's not very different either.

i used to de-link people on purpose, and play these heirechy games with the order of who was on top of the link-list. so i guess what goes arond comes around. NOWADAYS i just throw all new link ppl into the blogroll thing, because it sorts and re-organizes all on it;s lonesome. bo-badical. and ro-radical.


i have tons of kush weed, because i totally bought all i could afford when i last hit up dealer Mcdope. right now, i'm smelling the skunkiest fucky monkey nuggets to ever be frosted in sugar. finger licking good, literally. you could throw weed like this at the wall... and it would totally stick, like a freshly pee-soaked urinal puck.

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