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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

other people's problems are GREAT, aren't they? just dwell on THEM long enough and all your shortcomings become invisible to yourself because, "at least im not whats-their-name"

what a shallow way to feel better about yourself, and so WHERE is that glass house you live in?? i admit that i AM what i hate about everyone else on planet earth. i recognize that i behave in all those ugly ways that i talk shit about other people for doing.

i'm the ultimate hypocrite, and therefore the perfect american. here's my one finger salute.

at least i can face facts, and admit ugly truths about myself, it's no fun, but it's sure a weight off the shoulders. don't harbor that shit. air it out like the damp laundry that didn't dry completely in the cheap ass apartment coin-op landry set up.

just like an open wound... you don't wrap that shit up forever, it needs to breath and scab up propperly. healing is a process and the steps come in a very specific order. you don't get over it until the scab flakes off, and the scab won't ever form if you keep the bandage on too long.

that's for emotional scars too... you have to let things go, and make them heal... or else you'll get an infection and REALLY be in trouble.

it's all this avoiding reality that makes us weak. how can you funtion in a REAL world when you surround yourself with lies about who or what you are??? don't shun the truth just because "it doesn't fee good..."

know whats the truth? YOU'RE A LOSER!!!!! but hey, so am i, so's everyone... join the club, and shrug off that self imposed hatred for what you are. HAVE PRIDE, being a loser ain't so bad once you come to grips with it, and learn to ride the wave.

the truth is no one's a loser... it's reletive term, and it all depends on who's looking.

just like this whole mess in iraq. who the terrists are, depends on who's doing the talking. i bet the brittish army called the american colonists "insurgents" when the american revolution was taking place. this country was started by white men who didn't want to pay taxes to a government they plotted to destroy. and the rest is history...

BUT OH NO... our history books refers to those earliest of americans as "freedom fighters" but it all goes back to... who's eyes you're using to look at it.

seeing life the way you choose to see it, do you deal with reality? reality is a bitch, i know... i am a stoner, why do you think that is??? it's because i hate reality as much as the next guy, but i still look at myself and the people around me with careful watchful eyes, making sure that all is NOT rotten in denmark.

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