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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

it looks like the old double jobberoo is flagging me down, and loading me up with mo'money for another weekend, which makes the $440 car repiars i just got not hurt so bad (altenator, a few belts, and a oil change). and my shiny blue two-ton monster is purrin' like it ought to be once again... that's all that really matters.

should i file for workman's comp??

i'm not sure if whitey stayed in town, but i hope he did. he confided with me that he really only goes up to santa cruz to visit this so-called "girlfriend" who dogs him on a regular. the drive from santa cruz to los angeles is roughly six hours in each direction, and about $65.00 in gas. all that commuting for a girl that disses him... it's starting to wear thin, and i'm trying to convince whitey to put his girlie on the backburner and move back down to the south bay.... he said he might prefer Venice Beach, and i think that would be tight. but i told him i would have his back, because he is my homie, in whatever he chose to do.

i never even met his lady friend, so what do i know? and besides, we all know he's whupped and therefore going to not move away from santa cruz, despit the $130 round trip price tag thats attatched.

today i went with my rap star friend to take pictures for his press kit, using my fisheye lens to get that novelty appeal. i'm just stoked that my pics are gonna be used for something serious, rather than same old buzznet generics.

i have about ONE more solid day off before i have to snap back into it, and all that... so i'm gonna go smoke a butt while i read a tattoo magazine on my couch, with the talk radio blasting from my alarm clock. syanara.

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