Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, August 19, 2005

internet is a luxury when your office is you CAR, so i'll make it short and sweet and to the point, even tho i dont have one...

mark stanz and i are killing it softly, and have been cracking like two whips since 4:30am, when i picked his ass up from the south side of San Pedro (the boonies), and hauled all the way to the other side of the county line to my cousin's house to get the signs, and we're done now, at least for a couple of hours... signwalkers go out at 4pm...

double sign jobs aren't for people with lazy bones. so it's kinda weird that i kick so much ass at it.

i'm surviving on coffee and i ate cigarettes for breakfast. my breath even grosses ME out, and i like almost all smells. i'm one stinky bastard, but i guess one could say, "what else is new?"

and oh yah, i got into a road rage piss contest with this asian broad that was giving my helper shit while he was stapling a sign to a telephone pole. i CLEARLY had my flashers on, and was waving my arm out the window in that "go around me, please." motion. and guess what, she FINALLY figured it out, and made her way to the red light, but man....

mark was done with the pole by then so i crept up next to her car, and screamed all kinds of voodoo at that bitch, and then she pretended to call 911 or some crazy shit. HAH, this is south central BIOTCH, the cops don't care about your stupid "someone yelled at me" complaint. next time leave my helper the fuck alone.

she should consider herself lucky i didn't have Supersized Powerade from McDonald's.

just another day in paradise.

times up. bye.

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