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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i'm taking my old crotchety self up to hollyweird today, because this "Our Lady of Death" tattoo is not going to color get by ITSELF. I am a lot less nervous than i was the first time i got inked a few weeks ago, and oddly enough i am in for a world of hurt this time. the needle they use to apply the color is NOT your friend. no pain, no gain, eh?

everything's already paid for, but i'm gonna bring extra cash to tip Dr. Decker... because i drank my can of act right today. did you?

i have some pain pills so swallow after the ink has been slung, and the odds are I'LL NEED IT.

i slept like a baby last night, only to be rudely awoken by wrong number phone calls at 7AM. i don't even mind getting the wrong number calls anymore, BUT WHY AT 7AM?!?!? here is how i answer the phone after being rattled out of bed, "fffffffuck, man."

and people STILL have the nerve to ask me, "is this the animal hospital?"

to which i reply, "does it fucking SOUND like the granimal hospital???"

big tanky thinks i should just get over it, and tell the phone company to hook up a new phone number. and i would get myself a new number, although... i think i secretly like getting myself all worked up into a frenzy to the point that im screaming at some blue haired cunt who doesn't know how to dial 376-**** instead of MY number (379-****) because screaming is great excercise, and being in a frenzy is prolly good for my target heart rate.

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