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Thursday, August 25, 2005

i was a sophmore in highschool, and the year was 1994.... Slayer had just gotten off of their 4 year sabbatical, and had finally made a new album since Seasons in the Abyss... They were going to do a tour, and my friends and i, as DIE HARD slaytanic weirmachs... we got our tickets, and anticipated one of the best concerts i EVER have been to in my entire life.

it was at the shrine, in the worst part of Los Angeles. and we knew that a Slayer mosh pit was not something to be fucked with, and it really wasn't.

after all the counting down of days, and preparations, and sneaking in weed, and bumming of cigarettes... it came to the moment we had all been waiting for.

peter and i were front and center sharing a marlboro he got from some fat girl, when the lights went black, and you could hear the triplet drum beat intro to their song Rein in Blood "Bam-Bam-Bam... Bam-Bam-Bam..."

and after the guitars and drums exploded, peter and i were violently thrown around, and i didn't see him until we were outside and the concert was over.

they played all their old jams even classics like "at dawn they sleep" in which the entire crowd starts chanting "kill, Kill, Kill..." louder and louder, until the acid you dropped makes it all to real and you have to explode into/onto everyone around you with fists elbows and head-butts.

it's a wonderful thing.

the pantera concert was pretty bad ass, but pantera was too commercial. slayer had this evil satanic dark underground vibe, and who wouldn't be drawn in by that?!?! and slayer never did the metalica thing.... which is to decide that thrash/death metal is tired. NOPE, slayer still kills it as harder as ever, soaked in blood, driving audio ice picks into your ear drums. ahhhh...

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