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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i don't pretend to have an intresting life. i laugh at all you losers that read how pithy and lame and trivial my stoned rantings can get. there's no egg on MY face. at least im not rotting my brains watching a soap opera, or pro wrestling, or fuck it, whats the goddamned difference?

i sit at a computer, i sit in the driver's seat of my car, i stand in the occational elevator, and if i'm feeling "spunky" i sit on my bike seat riding along the sandy pacific rim. even when i go to the bar and start dancing my ass off.... i figure out a way to do it while keeping my huge ass firmly planted on a over stuffed bar stool.

i sure have a lot to say for someone who barely walks farhter than ten paces in row, in any given day.

there's thunder abound, roaring through town like a dragon. and guess what, the dragon's PISSED. and so is everyone else. the air is static like electric shock, and people's nerve's are crumbling faster than ice can melt. is it the end of summer soon?

fuck man, i didn't even get to go para-sailing like i promised myself i would...

but if my theaory about people is true. then i'm doing aces, and i shant be worried, and that's good, cuz i'm NOT worried.

my theory is that human beings are either promoting their own progress towards a given goal, or they are deteriating and getting more pathological by the day.

now i'm not saying i don't have my own compusions, ticks, tweaks, and stutters... i'm a hopeless freakazoid by most people's definition. but i see myself as my own personal hero. i dreamed up this lifestyle before i knew it could be possible.

who do you know that gets paid more than they know what to do with, and works only 3 days a week? these FOUR DAYS OFF are pot-smoke filled, and wreckless. sometimes i don't sleep for days, or i sleep the entire time. fuck it either way as long as the rent check is mailed off, and my pants are missing.

some would call me impulsive, because i think of something, and i don't talk about how i wanna do it. i just DO IT. and then i talk about it for a million years AFTERWARDS. but my point is that shit gets done. i can't sit on an idea too long... i have FOUR FUCKING DAYS OFF ON MY HANDS, which means i am busy as fuck on these four days with my hair brained schemes and wild eyed concoctions. who wouldn't be?!?!

btw, todays experiment proved that orange gatorade in yoru 7-11 coffee is prolly the WORST creamer subsitute known to man. but i might try it again for good measure.

and with all that intresting shit that i whipped up, because i SO non sarcasticly believe that you all care. i bid you farewell.

and lick my ass you fucking pathetic dildos.

funny: angela got booty called out in big tnaky's comments. the internet is a comedian.

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