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Monday, August 22, 2005

here's a clue...

if he didn't want us to pull ourselves up, god wouldn't have given us boot straps to yank on.

when you ask someone for something.. do you JUST ASK?? or do you ask only after you exhausted every method of Doing It Yourself.... because there is a WORLD of fucking difference.

friends of mine ask ME for job advice, because i've had a shit load of crappy jobs, and i've got apparent business sense, and here's a Pearl of Wisdom if there ever was one: Ask for Help VERY RARELY. never, if possible.

there's is a special place in the world for people who are confident enough to KNOW that they are making all the right choices.

BUY your date a cocktail of your choice, WITHOUT asking if they're thirsty. Take initiative. CREATE DESTINEY.

rocking the boat? fuck rocking the boat... i took an AXE to the boat, and now there's plenty of tar soaked firewood, who wants some smores?

stand in front of a mirror, and figure out all the things about yourself that you hate. YOU never follow through on what you say you are gonna do. YOU feel like you are getting a late start on things. YOU feel like a burden, and like some kind of thorn in everyone's side.

it all doesn't matter, because you can wipe the slate clean. the best part about YOUR PAST, is that it's not your FUTURE. the future is what you want it to be.

and do you really want to face a future exactly like the life you live today? with a little elbow grease things will be much much cooler.

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