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Monday, August 15, 2005

dealer Mcdope is also a white boy rap star, working hard (and waiting) for a big break. his new album is about to drop and he named it after his favorite fast food joint, "in and out."


but the beats are tight, and Mcdope is not shitty at rapping like you would expect a white boy from 310 to be.

McDope and i are going to use my fancy camera skills and my expert geograghical knowledge of the los angeles basin to get some hot pictures for the album artwork.

my idea is simplistic at best: black and white, fisheye photos, posing in front of various graffiti yards. perhaps one pic posing on front of In-And-Out Burger.

and im willing to do this all for free. ALMOST FREE that is... all i want is to get high on HIS supply all that day.

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