Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, August 26, 2005

covered in salty dried out sweat stains, while your cut and bleeding arms/hands/knuckles keep the sledge hammer in motion. never ceasing, like pistons in a locomotive. shoulder down, the sun cooking the skin on the his back, and his breath stinking of gatorade and camel lights.

hi, i hate the heat. but my truck's AC is so cold and deathly/mourge chilly.... and SO that it ain't no thang, choppin heads with a razor sharp boomarang.

an iced vanilla coffee drink, and a rice crispy treat every two hours, because gas stations have fuckall for selection. i hate Unocal 76, Mobile, Chevron, Shell, and i rarely see any texacos or valleros... but i hate those ones too. why do they stock up on so many sun flower seeds. who the fuck is all that shit FOR?!?!?! yeah, it's 100 million degrees out, your candy bars are melted into liquid, and you have twenty different sunflower seed options. well slap me with a slim jim, and smach a donut onto my head, gee willy-kers.

i love the smell of my own BO, who doesn't right? but man, i've hit new levels of foul. it is no joke at this point. shower time, immediately before i make myself hurl.

i'll be all fresh and peachy in ten minutos. fuck work!. then end.

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