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Thursday, August 11, 2005

bulging eyes, and grit teeth. this is the face. OH YAH, and those lizardish veins that pop out of the neck. if you want to go ahead and make that face right now to see how it feels, go for it. or maybe just clench up your fists, while tensing up your shoulders. hows that feel? like when you purse your lips and breath loudly through your nostrils.

sometimes it helps to distract yourself with a pointless injury, so you deck the wall trying to put a hole in it. barely felt a thing.

THIS IS THE PICTURE OF SOMEONE losing. whatever "it" is, ain't fucking worth it. control of your emotions is NOT what that person has. which reminds me of what an employee of mine was talking about...

he said, "if someone talks shit to you, you HAVE to fight them. what other choice is there?"

i said, "well man, who cares what some dip shit said? to me... reacting and being defensive means that you might think the shit talking is true."

i mean seriously. SOME idiot talks shit to me, and *i'm* supposed to take it serious enough to react to it? WHY? so now they know a button to push, and instantly make me mental? is that really something a person wants to give to someone else???

you can't "push someone's buttons" and piss them off, if they have no buttons.

when the person in the honda in the car next to you is honking like a maniac, and trying to get you to look at their double fisted middle fingers... nothing makes them MORE pissed off than ignoring them, and dancing to the B-52's song that is randomly on your ipod. sciddly-bop.

want to know the face of the person that WON? close your eyes and go to sleep. the winner doesn't care SO MUCH that they passed out hours ago. typical, eh?

i'm neither a winner or a loser, im just an idiot on the sidelines. the silent (stoned) fly on the wall... making mental notes and avoiding eye contact. if you wait long enough and hold perfectly still, every type of prey imaginable will enter the cross hairs.

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