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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

big up's to the homies that be knowin this tune, YOU FUCKING BETTER AXXXXE somebody. you're lion.

i like to buy DVD's and just watch the trailer for the movie. i'm a busy man, and all the details are really unimportant when you get down to it. the trailer for the big bounce was to die for.

i like outter space music that makes me fel like my truck is a rocket ship... i was thinking about it earlier today though...

my truck is my office and has so many comparables its ridiculous. Instead of paper clips, i have zip ties. Instead of a stapler, i have a tack hammer. Instead of a computer screen, i stare at a windsheild. instead of a mouse, i rock a steering wheel. and the best part IS: i can pull my "office" over anywhere and take a leak. or as the truckers call it when they piss on the on/off ramps of our nation's highways... "squirt the dirt!"

ugh, i just got a phone call from a family member, and totally lost my train of thought. but thats ok, because i will randomly select a knew thing to start typing because it's faster than re-reading what i wrote. i try not to re-read my blog too often, because i beleive that every blogger reads their own blog more than anyone else's.

i just realized today that for whatever reason my shoulders have not been bothering me like they used to. perhaps i finally "learned" how to sleep in a position that isn't twisting my spine into paralization. or maybe i'm just too distracted with all this smoking of cigarettes and eating of donuts to notice.... either way "WOO HOO!!"

i'm so hungry i could knaw off a finger, so i'll be foreced to slide another class A cigarette from my hard pack, and hope that it burns away the hunger because this house makes old mother hubbard's house look like a grocery store.

i'm boycotting pizza on the principal that i eat far too much of it, and besides... that thirty minute wait is enough to require padded walls. they got to be kidding me.

i've always said a donut deliver service in my neighborhood would do well, but no one listens to my brillinat business model. i would be a two times a day customer, they better bereive it.

i'm sticky with filth, time to go get all irish springed out. salty skin sucks.

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