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Saturday, July 02, 2005

today was an ok day, with the exception of that rusty-screwdriver-stuck-in-my-back feeling that i woke up with. gt.

my mom bought me some pain pills in mexico, but the side effects say in a very vauge way, "may cause psychotic symptoms" ummm... ok? promise?! if that's true you can expect my video filming is going to get very intresting.

this weed that Dealer Mcdope sold me is as dense as it gets. it's like the tiniest pinch of a nug burns forEVER, and jebus, you end up packing too big bowls, and get too stoned. ain't that the greatest? i have resin on my lips.

i've called all my friends, and they all suck. or... in other words... aren't coming over to hang out with me. it's just me and my Modelo Especial tonight. and oh yah... the pizza dude might make a 30 second cameo appearance. wooptee friggin do!

that's yesterday while putting out the signs.

i came up with a decent analogy for why it is SO IMPORTANT that people form their own opinions.

When you recite bullshit that someone ELSE said, or an idea that belonged to someone else... YOU ARE REGURGITATING. you are spitting up the same bullshit that was spoon fed to you. i hope you are proud of yourself.

but if you listen to some facts, listen to some fiction, pay attention to the right, and lend an ear to the left, all whilst never ignoring the middle/front/an-the-back... and then when you put all those ingredients into your recipe and FORM YOUR OWN OPINION as a result, that's like taking a shit. it's like taking a shit because it's not the same thing that was spoon fed to you. YOUR BODY, mind, and sould have enveloped and consumed it all until it was something totally different than what went inside originally. YAY you took a dump.

so forming your own opinion is like having regular bowel movements, and just agreeing with people too often is like being bulimic.

so are you with me? or are you with the terrorists?

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