Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, July 29, 2005

i smell like your medicine chest. i look tired like the elderly.

i like BARE BREASTS and i connot lie.

there's a gay bar in santa fe springs called the RimRam, and i told mark that they should name it the asslick-buttfuck, just to avoid confusion.

i still do not understand why MY b.o. smells so good, and everyone else's b.o. smells like hot garbage.

today at disney california adventure theme park, two rides crashed into each other, and some tourists were rushed to an area hospital. CAN YOU SAY, "cha-ching$!$!" ???

tomorrow morning i will be picking up and organizing 15 strangers, Giving them a job, and hoping i won't have to Fire any of their bitch-asses.

"aviator" is my favorite style of sunglasses.

it feels like im dreaming as i type this, i haven't made friends with sleeping in far too many hours. just the thought of eventually being rattled awake to my horrific blaring alarm clock... it makes me want to go grab myself a redbull, and make the circles under my eyes larger and more defined.

i only have two menthol cigarettes to my name, and so im nursing them, and smoking them with a rubber nipple, so i can make em LAST: the hazzards of being morbidly lazy.

i was gonna use cough syrupp to finish me off, but im a pirate deep down.... so rum will suffice.

i hate having a conversation with the dimwitted. repeating your illogical thoguht process DOESNT make me suddenly agree with you. if you have nothing new to say, shup up and listen for once.

jesus had a mullet.

i am losing motor functions of my neck muscles.... i guess thats a sign. nite nite.

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