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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


you know that little voice of reason in the back of your head that gives you insight into the future... the little voice that says, "don't do that, it might cause trouble"

i think we all have impulses. they exist in all human being's minds. DO that, SAY this, BUY that, Grab a piar of those... ect.

but we over come ourselves, and let "reason" and "logic" and the constraints of an orderly society modify our natural reactions and impulses into what is "acceptable"

i don't care if i live pay check to pay check until the day i die. it's just more incentive to get fatter pay checks, and blow through MORE money each week. yess indeedily doodily.

one of the best lessons i learned in life is to never look at a price tag to determine how much you value something, because sometimes good taste has nothing to do with expensive. you literally have to decide how much an item is worth to YOU-YOURSELF and then look at the price tag afterwards. if the pricetag is lower than what you would be willing to pay for such a thing... then fucking GET IT, its a bargain... but if the retail price is MORE than you would ever pay, then fuck that over priced shit-bag, and keep on truckin.

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