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Sunday, June 19, 2005

i just bought a new bike!!!! it's black, and it's a strand cruiser, and i only paid SLIGHTLY more than i wanted to. did you know it's hard to find a decent cheap bike these days.

my first stop was wal-mart which has the lowest prices bar-none on bikes of all types. the thing about wal-mart though is... their bikes suck. they're ugly, and not the right shape... but in a pinch i would ride on of those fuckers, no doubt.

next stop was target, which was more than disapointing... because target doesn't sell bikes like they USED to. now they ONLY have mountain bikes, and not even that great of prices... and i can't even ride a mountain bike without killing my back. so target was a bummer.

nextly i thought to go to k-mart, especially since k-mart is open 24 hours, and it was nearing 10pm. they had ONE strand cruiser, and it looked pretty dope... but there was no price and i couldn't get the k-mart-worker-person's attention because she was being monopolized by the mexican family and all ten million of their children.

i thought maybe iw as going the wrong route... maybe you need to go to one of those bike stores that sells ONLY bikes, and bike parts. boy was i ever wrong. those places are where RICH PEOPLE go to buy bikes... who has $350.00 for a fucking strand cruiser? it was after the first two bikes-only shops that i thought maybe i should give up and just steal someone's bike, even though it would surely get me in trouble with the karma godz.

this morning after i checked in at work, i headed over to sportmart, big tanky told me she heard that they might have decent bikes for decent prices... and they did!! just not cheap enough... but it was CLOSE!!!

on my way home i stopped at one last bike shop, and viola! i walked out of there with my affordable, black, strand cruiser. aluminum frame and rims, and the coolest name for a bike i ever saw "four twenty".

i'm gonna call all my friends and see who wants to go hit up the bike path. peace out, you bitches.

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