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Monday, June 27, 2005

i got up early and hit the road, this morn.

i've already been on too many freeways, and it's not even noon yet. i got kush breath tho.

i feel like doing more driving so i think imma pull outta my cousin's house here any minute. i like it behind the wheel some days.

days off, really.

maybe i can think of something i want to take a picture of, and i will think of it on the road.

my cousin's working, his sister is about to take a shower, and im really just twiddling my thumbds and hogging a computer.

would be nice if i could somehow convince the la puente client to release the check to me sooner than 4pm. but oh well. whats the difference?

its not like i had anything i would have been doing anyways, other than taking bong hits in my underwear while i occationally peak thru my blinds at the "real world"

i might try calling 281 330 8004, or 867-5309

i shoudl go treat myself to a fancy lunch at a fancy hollywood bistro. like denny's, or ihop. that would kill some time.

i forgot my sunglasses at home, that's the only kicker for today, because it's bright as all holy hell in Los Angeles today.

i want to see the new batman movie bad as fuck. Mr. Nunez had the batmobile at his work. or had it there... i got the email/invite too late. (thanks bro)

the car bong needs fresh water, it's getting that piss yellow color, and it smells like a swamp. i guess i had better tend to that pronto, considering im looking at plenty more hours spent in the car today.

i just over heard someone's conversation and it was: "arizona is the capital meth, because it's 1am, the bars are closed and only the circle k is open, what else they got?" i sorta saw that to be true whenever *I* was there.

and on that note im hitting publish, going pee before i hit the road, and peace-ing out.

later amigos.

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