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Thursday, June 02, 2005

the entire free world is invited to my birthday party. SATURDAY NIGHT. it will be 9 or 10-ish, at my most favorite bar. Old Tony's.

click to enlarge

there's plenty of parking at the pier, and if you're smart you won't be the designated driver, because i'm certain that most people don't live near these parts.

some live really close.

i'll be there around 9 or 10-ish, and i'm likely to have the usual suspects in attendance (big tanky, ect... maybe even the viking) and if you make it to my birthday par-to-the-tay i will high five you, and let you in on the doobie i will eventually spark up.

my estimations tell me that NO ONE will show up. and that's the only reason i am "brave" enough to broadcast an open invite to a bunch of shmucks i never met before.

this is the bar

thats what the bar looks like, and so just strut down the pier a bit... and head upstairs. that is where i will be. drinking a mai tai, and watching the local bastard play classic rock songs on his acoustic guitar.

if a pack of you show up, we'll walk one bar over to starboard attitude and take over that place. no sweat.

don't worry, i will repost all the directions ect on sat'nite. this is just to make sure you clear yuour calendar.

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