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Sunday, June 19, 2005

back pain catch 22,

because of my back pain, i can't sleep soundly... and therefore i toss and turn, and end up in shitty positions that injur my back worse. it's a fucking cycle from hell, and it's been going on for years now.

i'm more or less fine if/when i sleep perfectly still all the night through. but that is far easier said than done. right now i have to keep my head positioned perfectly straight, and if i need to look to the left or the right, i have to swing all of my shoulders and body that direction, keeping my head locked straight and aligned with my frame.

the other bitch is, of course, that my usual pain solution (icey hot) will not work because i CANT FUCKING REACH MY SPINE. in fact part of the reason i can't reach is, it hurts my neck and back to move my arm in that direction like that. it KILLS me. my knees buckle and i can't see straight with pain.

right now i can feel it throbbing and and shit. like whoa. and im SOOOOO out of pain pills. i'm living off of shitty wimpy ass alieve. and aleieve dont do shit alskdja



ok. smell you fingers. what do they smell like?

mine smell like children.

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