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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

to me the saying, "know your roll" is like knowing what you're porpose is. Your purpose with regards to anything... your job, your life, friends... family. whatever.

i think this can be problematic for some people tho because they tend to get pigeon holed into what someone else wants their purpose to be, rather than them defining their own role. OR people who sunk into a particular role or purpose who dont like their standing, but are too locked into their mindset to ever "stir the pot"

i like ice cream and i like 31 Flavors Baskin Robbins, because of all the variety. although im the kinda guy that when i go in there, and when i glance over all the selections... i basically choose the same fucking thing everytime, and that's a dis-service to my tastebuds. because maybe parlines and cream WON'T be my favorite when i try that new novelty batch of ice cream based on oatmeal and raisins. how will i ever know until i try it.

my whole entire point, before it gets lost, is taht one ought to shake the idea of "knowing their role" because i think it sets limits, and irrational boundries, and is a way to rubber stamp everything that passes through, rather than take the time to deal with everything with respect to the appropiate amount of time it needs.

its like this idea of fast food that we all live under. we want fast decent food.. not food that was made at such light speed they can't even center the cheese square on the haburger patty. it looks like a blind man made my goddamned hamburger, is there no self respect even amongst the sleaziest of line cooks? it's like the fast food joints assume we are in this ginormous hurry, a manufactured rush, and man, all i want is for you guys to listen when i say no meat on my nachos supreme. for christ sakes.

look, im stoned, and i just want everyone to fucking slow down for a second, stop pretending that everything fucking matters all the time, and just RELAX. smoke a doob if you got one.

in the 1970's there was a film produced called "the bad news bears" and there was this drunk named buttermaker, and he coached a bunch of little shits on a baseball team. well the best part is how laid back ppl were back then... the motherfucker drove those kids DRUNK, withOUT seatbelts, in a TOPLESS car. tell me THAT is not a party, eh?

there's a state in america that still allows people th option to legally drive with or without a seatbelt, or with or without a helmet for motercycle dudes. they call is a RIGHT TO DIE state, and i think it's exactly what america stands for. if i dont want to wear a seat belt, and if you're going to indoctrinate me all my life about how much FREEDOM i have... then dont make some fucking law telling me i HAVE to wear my seatbelt.

i mean how different is that from telling what radio station i have to listen to? this is MY car right? inside MY car i should be able to do whatever the fuck i want, as long as it only effects me. and who does it effect when i dont wear my seatbelt? my next of kin when im dead? oh yeah mebbe them.

look, im so on a tangent i dont even know what the fuck, i just wnat to say, that YES, i do wear my seatbelt. but if i dont feel like it, i shouldnt have to.

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