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Monday, May 02, 2005


this last weekend i worked for a tall black fella nicknamed cowboy, who was a very odd individual indeed. but he was pleased with my sign work, and told me that he reported nothing but kind words back to the guy who didn't pay us our full pay, Dan.

fuck dan, he's our shadiest client. my cousin is busy shaking the money tree on that one. fuck dan.

my car sale sold a minimum of 32 cars.. and i believe i hold this weekends gold medal for most slam dunked sign job. but thats just how i do things. i'm the best, my company is known for being the best, and simply put, "we make this shit look easy."

i loved fucking with the local car dealership that were trying to take my signs. i ALWAYS have a few left over in case such a scenario arises.

and so they would go snatch up some signs, and for every three signs they took, i would replace with 6!

and sure, they ended up stealing almost 60-65 signs... BUT WE SOLD OVER 32 CARS!

i pays to hire the sign guys. it only takes the sale of one car to pay for us... and they sold 32, yall.

also, at our sign job in south central that runs every weekend... of all the people who have handled that job, including my cousin who has nearly quadruple the signguy experience as me... I HAVE HELPED SELL THE MOST CARS THERE. i hold the gold medal on that one, my babies.

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