Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005



i smoke from my chalice (affectionately named Jennifer) to achieve a higher elevation, and real vibration, to the true realization. like a lion i am not, but an italian snake perhaps.... a greasy wop or whatever you racists like to say these days.

i cazn't speak for anyone but myself, and i claim no memebership to enything other than SELF RESPECT! pride me on being me, and saying fuck you to YOU. yes, i will. and you will feel stung and shunned, but i dont care, and i never did.

why do we always choke on the same old shit? hrm? history repeats istelf in the same way intertia keeps rocking in the same direction.

YES you can have a bong hit.

your welcome.

and the rest is history folks, while i tip my hat over my eyes, and walk sideways into the sunset, (as i am known to do) while mooning your parents, and getting myself 86'd and banned from yet another place that might have been cool.

oh well, i don tneed that shit. i need nothing.

can someone please buy me a tee shirt that says, "i humped your daughter." ?? that would make me laugh times a million.

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