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Thursday, May 05, 2005

one day a long time ago it dawned on me that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN unless i shake things up and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. with that regard in mind, it's also a way to shut out everyone, because nobody is gonna get me to my goal cept for ME.

i have heard many argue that if they help reaching their goals, it makes the victory bittersweet, because they can never say they did it, "all ontheir own"

but i argue "WHO CARES?" because no one really gives a shit in the end how they got to where they are, they're just glad to be there.

all this nonsense and refusing help because of this or that is malarky if you come and ask my opinion. i mean even the beatles preach it, "getting high with a little help from my friends..." so shit, how wrong could it be?

having friends and getting help is actually what being independent is all about. it's called pooling your resources, and asking for help. and it's never anything to be ashamed about... it ought to be a source of pride.

you know, it's not easy to ask for help sometimes. to some it means that they are admitting that they are not self sufficient. and AGAIN i argue that is a load of bullshit.

ok i am sure there are people out there who never got a favor in their life, and are a total sucess ONLY BECAUSE they did it themselves with NOOOO help. and to those people i say, more power to you, golf claps from all around...

but to the normal humans out there, i say... let us help you when we want to. because we really do want to.

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