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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

on the first day at his brand new school the little boy chose to not make friends during breaktime, and instead he ran. that little shit ran his funing ass off, i tell you.

he ran until the sweat dripped into his eyes, and stung and burned them like they were on fire.

he freaked out though when the older kids tripped him, and he landed facefirst into the gravely pavement.

they laughed, and the rigleader of the riff raff stepped on the little boys back as the walked passed, highfiving and repeating, "that was EXCELLENT!"

the boy laid there, and proceeded to cry, and leave a bloody stain in the hall. he picked him self up, and limped off campus, and walked home.

when he arrived home, most of the blood had dried, and the limp got worse, and his knee was swallen to three times the size. his mother gasped and asked, "what happened, bobby?!"

he told her: "i fell".

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