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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i've never been certain that im right, i just dont give a fuck when im wrong.

and im wrong all the damned time. but its ok, because thats how i figure shit out. i dive into the pool with my eyes closed, and wait to see if there is any water in it. hopefully i won't go smacking headfirst into the concrete.

i have a ton of weed man, like so much that i just want to puff it all down and turn this room into a 200 sq ft smoke stack.

the other day i put icey hot all over my right leg, because the fucking muscles were aching from whatever... and i guess i was too liberal with the application, because some of the sauce somehow got onto my balls... and welp... that was a tough 20 minutes, but the good news is i learned a few new dance moves.

i farted two days ago in such a way that the blast shot down my pant leg, and out the cuf, but anyways... it was such a heatblast that it totally made the back of my kneecaps sweaty. true story.

today's sickening word pairing is: body gravy. (soak THAT one up, eh?)

my newest hat is half trucker and halk wicker. more headgear needs to incorporate furniture upholstries.

remaining calm in teh most intense of situations is more badass than anything ever. never letting them see you sweat, never giving anyone the satisfaction of a slip up or a stutter.

oh you want to hover right on top of me while i do my thang? go ahead and hover over me. flap your arms, do your best to taunt and distract me. my flashlight is pointed at the wall, and my eye is on the ball. get me?!?!? this ain't no horse and pony show, this is the fucking howdy doody comedy hour, and it's only 30 minutes long.

it's a damn rotten shame that i can't flip out on strangers without getting myself into trouble. know who i hate most of all? the ppl who stare!

sure we all stare at strangers, and suuuuuuure we all love it. but most "normal" people have tact enough to knock that shit off when the person becomes obviously annoyed. Have you ever walked up to a stranger and told them to "fucking stop staring!" guess those are the hazzards of being a fly guy (not).

i have ice cream to eat, and boogers to pick, so you can all load up my blog after i wake up and drop more knowledge on your numbskulls.

bye, you lousy turds.

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