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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i was talking with my homie about my frustrations regarding how stupid jurors seem to be. robert blake was NOT found guilty?!!? michael jackson will prolly get off the hook?!?!?!? OJ Simpson, ect... it seems like jurors are getting star struck.

so i suggested that we have career jurors. ppl who are trained to be objective, and stuff. but tanky pointed out to me why that would be a bad idea: if we have career jurors... it's likely that it will lead to a lot of curruption and scandal.

a few days later i realized that the career politicians we have in office, all across our country, are the major problem. it was not in our fore fathers design to have a country run by multi-millionaires. and the idea behind term limits was to get NEW BLOOD into congress and the senate and even the executive branch of government. but what we have instead is a revolving door of the same ppl trading job titles, because they found out that the term limits has loop holes. just change your job title periodically, and you can hold office for an eternity.

i believe that the design was set up so that a farmer could also be a congressman or a senator. that the house of representatives would LEGITIMATELY be ran by people OF the people. not elitist rich fucks who know nothing about how americans live day to day.

it's hard because we are a nation of idiots. we have had our schooling dumbed down since the industrial revolution. the men starting big business back then recognized that they needed an army or worker bees to fill their factories.

prior to that apprenticeship was how a person learned a trade. and it taught self reliance, and big business never wanted that.

big business wants a factory full of mindless red ants, pulling levers on an assembly line, and yet... no one man in that factory knows how to build a car by himself. because that would be a threat to big business.

it's heavily documented that our nations leaders of that time planned on EXTENDING childhood (to age 18), and dumbing down education. they planted fallacies in the heads of the youth: things are too complicated for you to figure out, you will not succeed, submit to conformity, never question authority.

wake up and shake off the ideas you have been indoctrinated with since birth.

write to your local area politicians, and start telling them they are gonna need to find new jobs.

the people by the people are back, and we're pissed.

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